Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

     Jeez...I can be such a scatterbrain sometimes! I thought I lost the blog, I had wrote down the wrong address! So, I am starting this out great, huh? Well, I will get back to Liam's first two months, there is so much to tell, but I definitely want to wish everyone Happy Holidays!
     We had a wonderful 1st Christmas. Liam slept through most of it, but for the most part, it was great. He loves the Christmas tree...Everyone was so happy and excited to see him! He has grown so much. He's weighing in at almost 14 pounds and over 23.5 inches...and he is only 2 months old!! Actually, tomorrow is his 10th week with us! I don't remember my life before him. He started holding his head up all by himself! And he almost rolled over at his Papa's house! We cheered him on as he rocked and arched his little back. He is so happy! He cooes and squeals, blows bubbles and grunts...such a animated little fellow. He got all kinds of clothes and toys, Christmas is gonna be fun again now that we have this little guy to amaze! We got slammed with a snow storm, over a foot and a half of snow...too bad he couldnt enjoy it. He also discovered his mouth this weekend. The fingers are going in it constantly. He doesn't like the taste of the ointments, but I assume it doesn't really matter 'cuz he keeps sucking on them! Oh, and how can I forget...he loves Yo Gabba Gabba...goes crazy in his bouncer, STARES at the TV...hilarious!!!
     I almost had to make an emergency trip to the doctor yesterday before the storm because he looked like he was getting an infection between his big toes and on a few fingers. I tried some new bandaging techniques (so much trial and error) and to my surprise it actually worked. I'm glad I didn't traipse out into the snow storm to take him to a doctor unfamiliar with his EB. So far he hasn't needed systemic antibiotics, we've been able to keep the infections at bay with some ointment. I will try everything and anything. Overall there is no improvement in the condition of his fingers and toes. They won't heal, and when they do they get new blisters. frustrating. But he doesn't seem to mind. He protests when I have to work on him, but this is more because he just doesn't want to be fussed with. If I do it when he is asleep, it is not as much of a production. I have only cried once in the past few weeks. Basically out of frustration that I can't make him better and that I have to hurt him everyday...but then I realized that he isn't really in pain...he is just very vocal, and gets very annoyed (much like his Mommy). I have to remind myself that this will get easier, he will get better, and he still loves me (and always will). I'm applying a special kind of dressing to his heels to help heal the mess he has on them, and also to protect them from the friction when he kicks. I want him to have as normal of a life as possible, be a normal baby...but its hard to watch him do things that I KNOW are going to break him out. But as my mother says...that's life! He is just so damn cute and I am just so damn proud to be him Mommy.

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