Friday, January 7, 2011


Whew...we made it through the holidays! Only one trip to the doctor. Last time I posted, I was pretty sad about the state poor little Liam's toes were in. I did end up taking him to the doctor, they were infected. He has been on antibiotics for 9 days now...Columbia (where his dermatologist is) called me and further advised me to put him on an antifungal medication as well because he was colonizing yeast in those cute little tootsies, too. Poor thing. He is on a steroid for breathing issues, antibiotics, antifungals, and an antacid...I hate giving him all this medicine. But, on the brighter side, his toes look a little better. They no longer look infected, and I figured out that if I give him a pacifier to distract him during "toe-time", it is better for all of us. He still gets all worked up, but its not as stressful for us.

Despite all of the bullcrap that the little man goes through on a daily basis, he is a happy baby! Last night he was sticking his tongue out and smiling at his daddy! He has also discovered that his fingers taste pretty good, even with Aquaphor on them! He no longer scratches his adorable face, so I try to keep the socks off his hands for a little while longer he just scratches me! He makes all kinds of noises. Grunts, squeals, fake out cries, LOUD screamy cries, seems like he tries to talk sometimes...makes vowel sounds! He holds his head up so well and is quite the kicker. Lately he has been staring at his hands, like "Are these mine? Whoa...they are!" and then he smiles at them. I love this stage...everything seems amazing to him. He has so many expressions, he really gets those eyebrows moving! I am in awe of him, I can't get over how absolutely perfect he is! I also love the fact that he adores Scott and I. He loves to cuddle with me, and when Scott comes home, he loves to cuddle with him. He is so loving. I have a hard time putting him down, I just love him in my arms. He is a wonderful little gift!

He had a great holiday this year. There was so many gifts for him and so much love! Even though he probably didn't enjoy it like we did, it was so nice to see everyone get excited to see him! This child is loved so much. He has us all wrapped around his delicate little finger! I am beside myself over all the people who have supported me through this tough phase of his life. The EB routine is stressful. But I'm beginning to settle in. I just have to do what I have to do. Bathtime is a nightly ritual. It takes a while, and it is a necessary production. I need help with his dressing changes...I need help calming him down. And so many people in my life have pulled through for us. My husband is the best...the poor guy never knew about what EB entailed for an infant. Shoot, neither did I...although I do have EB, I dont remember what it was like to be a vulnerable, scared and sensitive baby. Fortunately my mother has a pretty good recollection of what it was like to take care of me, and she loves to help me out with Liam. He is her sunshine, too! And Liam is also quite the drama king. Oftentimes he just cries to hear himself cry I think. No tears, full belly, no gas, clean diapy, not tired...just whiney. (Its kinda cute, when it doesn't turn into an all out scream fest!) His crowd pleasing move is the quivery lip...he melts all hearts with that one. He also has really long eyelashes and when he frowns and squints his eyes, they curl up onto his lids making him look even more precious, yet pathetic, which impulsively makes anyone wanna scoop him and love him to pieces. Most of the time, the quivering lip is signifying that he is hungry (or starving, he believes)...and to my dismay, is diminishing in frequency as he gets older. Oh, he is my little darling...and he always will be.

Well, I think I'm gonna join him in dreamland...Nitey-night...

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