Friday, February 25, 2011

Happiest Baby EVER!!!

Hey all! Just a little update on the little man...He is doing great!! He is growing at an insane pace. He goes to the doc for his 4 month well baby next week so I am not sure of his measurements, but he is popping out of his 6 month sleepers! I can't get over the amount of food this child eats, and let me not forget the ridiculous number of diapers we are going through. He has started laughing, its such a cute little raspy laugh. At first he was only doing it when you made sounds that blew air in his face, for some reason that cracks him he is ticklish! Yes, people, he is a tickley little man!! He loves his armpits tickled, he will get a laugh going on and he can't stop. I think he is laughing at himself laughing sometimes. I love it! I'm getting such a kick out of the fact that my silly antics are starting to pay off. He smiles at me constantly! He really is a happy baby. I mean, we have our cranky moments, but all in all he just wants what any other baby be loved and cared for. He almost rolled over this morning, but his shoulder is in the way and he knows it...can't figure out how to get past it. He really doesn't like being on his tummy for too long, we try for a few minutes but he starts fussing pretty much immediately, so he hasn't given himself the chance to try rolling from front to back (from which I gather is easier than back to front). He has begun to take notice in the dog as well...poor Riley is in for it! He is a very gently baby, he touches so light and gracefully. He is actually pretty coordinated for a 4 month old. He has also started doing this little jumping thing when I am trying to burp him! He is such a doll...he really is so sweet and snuggly...I love this age. I love how he wants to sleep next to me and how secure he looks when he is sleeping on me or his daddy.
So, an update on "boo-boo baby"...his skin seems to be a bit more fragile than we thought it was going to be. His feet are still a mess,  his ankles being the worst. The toes heal and then re-blister, the soles of his feet are actually pretty clear. The good thing is that the skin is getting tougher, which is a key ingredient in the healing process. I am praying that sooner rather than later he begins to show a bit of resistance to blistering. If his skin stays this fragile on his feet, walking is going to be a complete disaster. His hands have improved to some degree because he no longer balls up his fists. He broke out pretty extensively on his knuckles, but it seems to be SLOWLY clearing up. He also has started, much to my dismay, getting them elsewhere. He has a few little spots on his thighs, probably from the mega-kicks he does now! I cut the toes out of a stretchy sock and he now wears that to 1-help clear up what is there by not allowing it to rub 2-prevent further injury associated with the rubbing. He is a chubby baby and I think that it may be part of his problem, his little rolls rub and touch...He has a little scrape in between his legs where the diaper is laying that showed up last night...I remedied that one by putting a little piece of gauze between the diaper and his skin. Im hoping he just gets a little scab and we dont have a big breakout there...bad spot. He also has been putting his hands and his bibs in his mouth so now he has one in the crease in his chin...I'm pretty bummed about all this. I thought he was going to be spared the massive body wide sensitivity, but once again, I think I was just trying to be optimistic about it instead of realistic. But, with every day that goes by, I become a bit more acceptant...I mean, in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter. It is what it is. And despite any boo-boos, he is so very happy! His hemangioma has healed on his little hiney, so he can finally poop in peace. And he likes to poop now. Smiles, grunts and squirms. Before it was like he was scared to poop...he knew that there was gonna be pain associated with the poopage. Oh, this is such a wonderful thing. I am no longer scared to take him out in public. I used to be scared bc of the pain andscreaming that he went through every time he pooped. But now it is better for everyone, especially him! He has become pretty accustomed to our evening routine of bathing and boo boos...sometimes he protests a bit, but as long as we stick him in front of the TV, he is fine. He is a real boob tuber...he even watches golf (and doesn't fall asleep).  screaming that he went through every time he pooped. But now it is better for everyone, especially him! He has become pretty accustomed to our evening routine of bathing and boo boos...sometimes he protests a bit, but as long as we stick him in front of the TV, he is fine. He is a real boob tuber...he even watches golf (and doesn't fall asleep). 
I love this little human so much. He is so special to me! He brings me so much joy, I can't believe my life is so awesome sometimes. I never thought that I could be this happy! I certainly never thought that it would be a child that brought me to this place of complete peace and happiness with myself. Now, if only I could get back in my skinny jeans...LOL. I am so excited to go through his life with him and be there for him through whatever he may need! I just can't stop bragging about being his mommy...he is amazing! Well, mama duties are calling, my little man needs some play time, Yo Gabba Gabba is getting old! Stay tuned for more updates coming directly from Mr. Liam himself, I think that 4 months is plenty old enough to start his own little blog! Thanks for sharing our lives!!


  1. Such an adorable lil guy. Love the update, I read it in two parts because my little ones distract me too much. YAY for getting out and about. Don't worry about the skinny jeans, they will come- you are beautiful inside and out anyway! So sorry about the crease in his chin, I so hear ya on the acceptant thing. We get stronger and stronger as we go... and as for the lil ones- they are STRONGER than we can imagine. Your lil guy is awesome!
    Be Blessed ((HUGS))

  2. Hi Melissa: Thanks for the update. So happy that he is growing so fast and being so adorable. Sorry that his skin is still so fragile. Just keep enjoying that precious son of yours.
    Can't wait for the blog to be written by Liam. I wonder what is on his mind. Take care and Keep the Faith. Love and Peace Leah's Nana

  3. What kind of an evil person would knowingly take any chance of giving this terrible disease to her child? Every time he is in pain remember that you intentionally caused it. It is your fault. You KNEW he was going to be subjected to a life of incredible pain.

    1. Hey Anonymous what's wrong too scared to identify youself, guess you must think I'm evil too huh?? I have EB and so does, my son. There is a big difference between you and my son though, my son is and always will be hell of a lot smarter than you. I am hoping you have not bred yourself, cuz they can't cure stupid. They might not yet be able to cure EB yet either, but stupid is a much worse condition to have. I feel bad for your family for having to put up with stupid as well.

    2. you cant hide ip address be afraid